Thursday, July 18, 2013

3 weeks later... still nothing

Though DC's DPR promised to resolve both the ban order and the swim attire rules quickly, they haven't contacted me in over two weeks.  This is so disappointing to me because their initial outreach to me was very apologetic and interested in improving things.  But now... I don't know if they changed their minds or just forgot about it, but it's not just my summer activities on the line here, it's a whole lot of DC residents that feel uncomfortable using these facilities (see the comments on the listservs and petition, for examples.) 

Please sign the petition, tweet and share on Facebook.  Let's get them moving, so we can all go swimming!

Also please email your councilmember (mine is and DPR (  Those emails do help move things forward.

I'll post an update soon - I hope with good news. 


PS We did file a police complaint.  It's being "investigated" but their initial call to my husband confirmed that it's standard DC police policy to not get the side of the story of the person being "removed" - that the "business" owner calls the cops for any reason and the cops will automatically remove the person, without verifying the reason for removal.  They also state that there is no difference between public and private property for the purpose of trespassing, despite the fact that DC law does make a distinction.

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